How to Put Hotmail on Desktop

By | April 20, 2018

Create shortcuts for Hotmail reduces the time for you to receive your inbox. It can instantly take you to your work a little more efficiently. Create a shortcut is easy and can be done in a flash. Of course, create a shortcut to the Hotmail works exactly like creating a shortcut for any other application.

The steps taken :

1: Create a new shortcut on your desktop. Right-click a blank space on your screen, select “New” and then choose “Shortcuts”.

2: Enter the web address in the space provided. After creating a new shortcut, a window will prompt you to ask about the location of the shortcut. Just type in

3: Name the shortcut you just created. You can name anything you want, like Hotmail or Hotmail Login.

4: Click on “Finish.

5: Double-click the shortcut to trial. It will take you to the Hotmail login page.

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