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Forward Email with Attachments in Hotmail

Hotmail Login, like most other email service providers, have a feature to allow you to forward an email even if it contains an attachment. It’s a great way to share your document with collaborators, as well as share photos and other files for your loved ones. You can do the same on both Windows and Mac operating… Read More »

Hotmail Inbox Features compares with Outlook mail

Those who have been faithful users of Hotmail might still be using their account today and thanks to the new integrated Outlook platform, there are many new features and amenities that they can enjoy while still holding onto their old account. Microsoft had acquired Hotmail in the early days of the service and even though Hotmail often floundered in terms… Read More »

Hotmail Features vs Outlook

Those who are looking around to create a Hotmail account will simply have to visit the Outlook domain. This is the unified platform of Microsoft, which houses all the email services of Microsoft. This company bought off in the early days when it was the pioneer web based email service. Today the same service has been moved through several… Read More »

How to Put Hotmail on Desktop

Create shortcuts for Hotmail reduces the time for you to receive your inbox. It can instantly take you to your work a little more efficiently. Create a shortcut is easy and can be done in a flash. Of course, create a shortcut to the Hotmail works exactly like creating a shortcut for any other application. The steps taken… Read More »